Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

I tend to create big holidays out of the ones that are not made huge by media frenzy. Valentine's day is one of those. I love it. Not only is it always just after my birthday, but it is a celebration of the heart... a celebration of flattery, courtesy, and above all, love and sex. lol... All of which are things to be celebrated in my personal opinion. So we started our day out with a humble morning just like any other and slowly progressed into a day of red and pink craft projects for Cyan, heart shaped pasta salad and heart shaped pizza for dinner, and tons and tons of well wishes, professions of love, and of course, more sugar than anyone should ever hold.

Our craft project today was rolling beeswax candles. Cyan did a great job of it. She is even getting the hang of starting them herself. We lit them (first pic) and set them on the table for our Valentine's dinner of heart shaped goodness.

Here they are before we lit them on a table covered with hearts in all shades of red and pink. :) She was so proud. My mom came up to have dinner with us, and brought a small box of hazelnut chocolates, and kites for both the kids. For which they were just thrilled! Alex got to fly his this afternoon and there are pictures of that coming as soon as mom can send them to me. She also brought a ball for Logan... his current favorite thing in the world. He toddled after it the whole night... occasionally stopping so he could get into something or other. He sure is turning into a little boy right before our eyes.

Our little friends were back today for some of the love we give there. ;) Here is a good picture of their faces. Anyone know what they are?

Aside from my guess of the BlueGrey Gnatcatchers, I have not found another bird that looks anything like it. But they are not Gnatcatchers. The Gnatcatchers have "white eyerings" and a "white underbelly". Neither of which these littleones have. Perhaps they are all females. Perhaps they are another breed entirely.


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Maryalene said...

Sounds like a lovely day Val. The candles look great!

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