Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood,

Omgoodness. It has been beautiful lately. This last week has been pretty much nothing but sun and clear skies. And this:

These are Tarragon starts. It came back all by itself. That makes me happy, as it means that my soil is happy. Everything else in that garden bed (my perennial herbs) is happy as well, except my sages. I hope they leaf out. I may have to move my green sage into the main garden as it is really not doing well. But here are my happy helpers:

They are cleaning up after I raked the leaves I mulched the herb garden with. I am guessing they found tons of healthy bugs ready to be lunch.

I have been working on the raised beds in the produce garden. It doesn't look good now, but my thought is it will by the end of the spring. One made:

Two to go... And tulips are coming up everywhere all over my yard. So sweet to see these little green faces again.

Spring is really coming... and it is so very welcome. :)



Anonymous said...

Wow! It's amazing to see your signs of spring. We have snow and ice and I'm excited to watch the buds on the trees, but we won't be seeing what you have for more than a month, still! Thank you for sharing.

Katie said...

How exciting!!!!! Keep the pictures coming, since Spring is far off for us :)

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