Thursday, February 21, 2008

The world should stop for stuff like this...

Last night was a beautiful night. All the nights before it were cloudy... I had very little hope of watching the eclipse. But as the sun went down, the sky openned up and there were no clouds to be found. As the moon came up, the eclipse started... first from the left, it started to turn redish orange... then started to get dark. As we went to dinner, I kept having to go outside and watch the progression, as the moon disappeared from the left, to the right. Then just a sliver, then nothing... the whole thing was a redish glow of beauty.

As the moon disapeared, it was easy to see the two planets flanking it on either side like ladies in waiting. They were hidden by the moons amazing glow, but no longer. I am guessing star and moon buffs watched with excitment through their telecopes, given the chance to see these two planets like they haven't in months because of the shine of the moon.

After about 20 minutes, the bottom started to get lighter. Not the left side, but the bottom lit up. Then a sliver showed, and by the time we went to bed, the moon was back, in all its full glory and beauty...

The world should stop for stuff like this. Everyone should take two hours out of their day to sit and watch a full lunar eclipse. The cars should stop on the streets, people should get out. Like in a movie, when aliens land in the middle of the city, or all the power goes out. Just stop, and watch in awe at the amazing world... universe... around them.



Jenni said...

Unfortunaely we were COMPLETELY clouded in. :-( I'm so glad I got to see your pictures!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Brie said...

I was so excited about this! We were going to stay up late and watch but instead we had thunderstorms. I loved seeing you put up pictures!

Growing in the Green said...

You are the Goddess of it all aren't you.
How do you cook like that and stay looking so hawt, woman!
Love the pics and that apron...oh gosh teach me to sew Val woudl ya???lol

Maryalene said...

Wow! Did you take those pics?! They are incredible! We watched a little of the eclipse from our window but it was too frigid to go outside.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

All of those pictures were not mine. Alex took some good ones, but these were from a flicker group.

It was amazing though. Just amazing.


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