Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One Day...

I have always said that one day I would have the perfect dog. I think I found the breed I was looking for. Today, in a very cool and amazing pet store called "Wild Things" up near Puyllup, I saw this dog:

She was a Jindo Gea dog, a Korean breed. She was so sweet, and fine with other animals (as this pet store had a duck, two mini chickens, and about 5 cats wondering freely about the store) and just the right size. About 40lbs full grown, this dog is between a small dog and a big dog. Perfect for me. No yippy bark, and no 200lbs of dog to shed all over the house. A good sized dog to have forever. Jindo Dog Rescue.

The only other dog I have ever thought to pay money for is a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Ridgeback Rescue.

But Don has a thing with dogs with long muzzles... he just can't get over how long the face of the Ridgeback is. So we never pursued it. Not that we will now, in a rental house, but I love fantasizing about having my own space, with chickens roaming freely over a portion of land that won't leave us walking in poo, and a dog that can play with the children (who, of course, because we have land, can throw a ball as far as they can without hitting our neighbor's house) along side my acre sized garden, complete with stone fence, like in old English films and a driveway lined with Poplar trees.

Awww... to dream.



Patti A. said...

Please, please, do not ever buy a dog from a pet store. To do so would support the discusting puppy mills who breed dogs in filthy conditions with out a care as to their genetic health or tempermant. When you are ready for a dog there are many pure breed rescue organizations that can help you find the perfect dog.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Those look like my dogs! We have three, one random brown dog that looks a lot like the one on top, one RR and one dal mix... all from the shelter. Call the RR Rescue, they have a lot of dogs for adoption without the huge price tag.

Loved your blog, planning to stop by again :)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

As I said on email, I will not purchase the dogs from a store. Both have rescue sites that I have been watching for years. The money I was talking about was for the shipping from CA or somesuch place. No worries! :)


mygrandmalucy said...

Hey 'bout a boxer. Don wouldn't have to worry about the long muzzle then and they are FABULOUS dogs with kids AND they don't shed much. They look a bit intimidating its a good dog to have with you...but they are such big babies. Our boxer boy unfortunately died suddenly two years ago now......but we probably won't ever have another breed of dog. They are very, very human-like.

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