Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands

Ok, so this book, right from the get go, is information from a radio talk show hosted by Dr Laura. If you have never heard Dr Laura here is where to find her:

about half way down this page she has a streamed set of radio stations that play her show.

Anyhoo... it was filled with good information, and tons of insults to women who had crossed the line a bit too much in a perhaps otherwise 'healthy' relationship... but the message is clear. Women need to be nice to men, just like men are required to be nice to women. It is funny how in our society, a bitchy woman can be "strong" but a bitchy man is "weak" and a mean man is an "asshole". Women get a lot more room in this category lately and she addresses that very clearly in this book. She also addresses the issues of being over worked, trying to do it all, and how that can effect your marriage.

The message I got over and over is that as a married couple you have to be a team, be a pair, and have a good set of communication and intimacy habits laid down. Then you have a good chance of being happy. I think she is probably right in a brutally honest, strait forward, I-wouldn't-have-put-it-that-way kind of way.

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