Monday, April 28, 2008

Sweet little friends

With all the drama going on around food production, bees, wheat, and rice, right now, I am feeling a heaviness around my garden this year. It isn't just a hobby anymore. It may very well be a matter of survival. Now, don't get me wrong, I am still having fun with it. But I am also looking at it in a new light as I plant seeds. Will we eat all of these? Will we need more of this? What will happen if I can't get this from the store if I run out? How close in rotation do you have to plant cilantro, and lettuce, and herbs to never have to buy them? Most of these issues will never come to pass I am sure... but some of them might, and being a mama, and the protector of my family, I have things like this run through my mind at 500 miles per hour all the time.

It was a blessing today to step out of that and go check on my garden this morning, with this noisy, but friendly feathered friend tailing me and watching my every move:

The dew was still on the flower blossoms,

the wet heavy in the air.

Oh, but there was promise. Here are my spinach seedlings:

And my first two sunflowers, who are sure to bring enough bees to give me a decent bounty.

Plants that are bee friendly are planted throughout the garden. Borage and callendula, sunflowers, and violets. All for the bees. Blessings, my little buzzing friends. May you have a wonderfully healthy season this year.



Heather said...

Anders and I have sunflower seedlings coming, too. Lovely.

Librarian said...

Deep thoughts many Mamas are having. I have lots of seedlings coming up in yogert cups I saved and I'm hoping to dig in this weekend.

Yes, I have those deep thoughts. I'm working out about 5 times a week to get in great shape in case I have to hike, swim, defend, survive- - etc. I'm taking up archery this summer and I want to be sure I teach the kids agriculture.

It sounds "survivalist" but there isn't a down side to any of it. If nothing happens in the worst case scenerios- - then I'm just in great shape which is good for my health!

My best friend had to swim out of a flood, I've been in an earthquake, and I've been on Hurricane relief. We never know when we might have to "survive" at any given point in our lives anyway. The state of the world just lit a fire under my tush.

Anonymous said...

Oh oops- - I was logged in as the wrong user. Sorry! I'm under "Going Crunchy." That was is an ID for my Library's blog I was updated a few minutes ago.....

Theresa said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos!Is that a peony bud? It is just beautiful!

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