Thursday, May 1, 2008

Garden Ornaments

I like little things in the garden. Usually I am VERY picky about them though. I like things that add to the look of the plants, not take away from them. So I have a lot of driftwood, a couple of glass pieces, and a couple pieces that I think are sweet that I got from dear people in my life. Well, yesterday, my husband bought these for me:

Aren't they cute?? Yeah. I love them. And they will just look better and better as my hardy perennial herbs grow up around it as the season wears on. I can't wait to take more pictures with them.

Here is the sunshine at the front of my garden pathway.

And my sweet garden snail that my best friend got me. I always think "Slowly, slowly, very slowly, creeps the garden snail...." when I see it.

A glass float from dh's 12 years as a glass blower. For somethings, I really miss the profession. Like garden ornaments. ;)

And of course, my own personal garden gnome. (Don't you just love his new "Cheese!" smile?)


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saskia said...

where did he get those mushrooms, those are so cool!?

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