Sunday, May 18, 2008

And back to hobbies.

I haven't posted my hobbies in a while. Sometimes I will post the garden, sometimes I will post food, but mostly, it has been my thoughts and cute pictures of my kids. Which is also all I have been doing. Hobbies have taken a backseat to homeschool and deep thoughts. lol...

Today I actually sat and played with paper. Making things out of paper is one of my favorite pastimes... it is also very messy and requires scissors, glue, and usually an X-acto Knife. All of which are not good around babies. Esp mine. lol... So I haven't done it in a while. But today, I sat there through nap time and made the kids calendars for next year and chore chart folders. These are both made out of half sized notebooks (which I love BTW, they always fit perfectly in a purse, but are still big enough to write in without trouble, and you can get all kinds of accessories for them from DayRunner). I paper crafted pretty much all afternoon... and it was so much fun!

Alex's actually started out rather different. It was red flames, with vines up one side and some off center lettering. But by the time I was done it looked really feminine. Not what I wanted at all and not quite right for a 12 year old boy... so the spider webs and dark cast papers took over in the end... and he loves it. :)

Cyan's turned out wonderfully the first time around. The paper I chose for the back set the theme for the front. The flowers were perfect models for me to cut simple, larger ones for the front, and of course, the tree and the butterfly came from the passions Cyan and I share. She hasn't seen it yet, but I hope she loves it as much as Alex does.

Inside is two divider pockets to hold their little stuff from field trips, etc and in the first section is their chore charts. A friend sent me a wonderful Word Doc to get me started with these chore charts that are simple, but oh so effective. After a little fill-in color in Paint, and some tweaking with what chores were who's, we have working chore charts that the kids both ACTUALLY USE! lol... Then the second section is a by week calendar for Alex, and a monthly calendar for Cyan. He needs to be able to write down assignments, appointments, etc... so needs more space. She isn't there yet, but she does use a calendar daily, and so I thought she would enjoy marking off days to favorite events (like birthdays or Christmas, etc) and keeping track of the dates that way.

The next one is for me.

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