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I was tagged at Cry if I Want To by my friend Kim and the subject is 'Ten Reasons Why I Blog'.

I have quite a few blogs and they all serve different purposes. This blog is my personal joy journal. I put down things I love, times I cherish, and things I am proud of on it. It relates to me in harder times (which thankfully have retreated to mostly in my mind and moods) that my life is good. Very good. I am very blessed and have created something with my family I am proud of and I cherish.

I have another blog to document homeschool doings. Homeschooling in the Rose Garden is my blog where I journal what I do with the kids. It isn't all happy-go-lucky, but is usually upbeat and with a bit of wit, even the bad days seem like a blur of field trips, funny kid sayings, and beautiful pictures of life. When I look back, I usually see optimism in my posts. And I am joyful in my learning journey with my children. And of course, I show off my pictures of my kids that way too.

My third blog (which is a Live Journal) is for personal thoughts. This one is less upbeat... more down to earth and sometimes down right angry. I don't write in it as much anymore, but for a while, it was invaluable to my mental wellbeing.
Ok, those are the ones I write on the most. The others are superficial but fun. (They are all listed in my side panel... lol!)

So my reasons:
#1: to document the things I cherish, love, find interesting, and dislike.

#2: to spend time writing, which I love.

#3: to show off good photographs. :) And avoid paying to print all but the best.

#4: to avoid scrapbooking. It takes ten times as much time, and a hundred times more cash.

#5: to keep in touch with friends without having to spell out every thing I am excited about in life when I see them.

#6: to meet new people. A couple of really wonderful friends I have met through the Internet.

#7: to learn. I love research. And this blog gives me reasons to do so in the form of questions, and photographs I feel I have to explain... and that doesn't even bring into it my friends and all of the wonderful topics they bring up!

#8: to show off my kids and their beautiful minds. I love their creativity, but you can't keep every thing on your fridge forever. Here I can scan, post, and toss. And whenever I want to see something... it is right there. :)

#9: to timeline. Being able to 'label' things really gives me a freedom to look at the timeline of a project in the right perspective. I can pull out 'recipes' or 'yard and chickens' and see when the first time was I cooked such and such, or how tiny the chicks were when we first got them. It keeps me in perspective.

#10: because I like it. :) I like sharing, but I like that blogger doesn't have a 'MySpace' traffic rate. I enjoy being able to have things that I post 'just for me', and then other things I post so I can get comments on them. It is all good for me. It is a scrapbook... one that others see without me pushing it on them, in their own time, and when they comment, it makes me happy. When they don't... well I usually wrote it for me anyhow. ;)

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Love you blogfriends!

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