Monday, June 30, 2008

The Birthday Trampoline is Here!

Oh yes, I have to admit, this thing is a LOT of fun.

It is quite the workout too! I got up there for about a half hour and got off and felt like I had run a mile. I can still feel it in my legs.

A funny thing happened while I was up there. The kids were inside, watching Anne Of Green Gables. I got up on the trampoline and didn't really do anything. I just stood there for a minute... being mature. You know... being a grown up. Then I started to jump. Then I started to giggle. Giggle uncontrollably, like I was 6 years old. I had to call the kids out, just so the neighbors thought I had some sort of excuse for all the giggling and jumping. They of course, came running, and we jumped until the sprinklers came on and sprayed us about a half an hour later. We all got of and scrambled about picking up shoes, socks, and random things from the trampoline set up, like my electric drill, and of course, the gigantic shipping boxes. "Save them from the sprinklers!!" Alex was screeching. The kids said it was the most fun they have EVER had. lol... my kids are dramatic... but I have been smiling ever since.

Whether I am sore tomorrow is yet to be told. I am counting on my friend Arnica and my other buddy Water to help me out in that dept. I don't know if walking 2.5 miles a day prepares ones body for trampoline jumping. ;)

The neighbor kids thought it was a blast as well. I am sure I will be seeing them bright and early tomorrow. :)



Anonymous said...

Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

Ah Val.. you are never gunna be a grown up! LOL Just teasing! What fun!! It sounds like a blast.

(Shanka from AW)

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