Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Yesterday I had a blast working with a friend at the little Farmers Market they openned in Chehelis. What a beautiful little community. I just love hanging out with Hannah and Heidi and selling strawberries and these incredible Daylillies that their farm, Boistfort Valley Farm, has out right now. Sometimes days like that make me think twice about staying at home. A job like that would suit me. I love it so much.... but I only second guess for a few seconds. I will do that eventually. Something with good food. It is written into my future somewhere... but my place now is home. Honestly, I love being home. It was fun to hang out and play though.

These STUNNING flowers got to come home with me. Aren't they amazing??? I couldn't wait to get my camera out when they openned up this morning. *glee*

This is the variety I have in my yard:




Julia said...

Hi Val-

I found your blog a couple of weeks ago when I was googling "bean teepee". The kids and I have put one up this summer.

We used to live in Graham, WA and miss it so. Your pics of the daylillies remind me of being there. We can't grow flowers like that in Florida!!!

Julia : )

Quinn said...

Our neighbor's have flowers similar. I wondered what they were. Now I know!

They are pretty.

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