Friday, August 15, 2008

Apples, full moon, and neighbors

The tree at my dads house is FULL of apples right now. They are falling off green it is so full.

We picked a bushel up off the ground to make applesauce yesterday and if it hadn't been so hot, that would have been done today. But alas, it was 94* and we have no air conditioning. Standing in front of a hot water canner sounded very much like hell. lol! So I didn't do it. But I need to in the next two days so wish me cooler weather.

The moon is full tonight. What a beautiful moon!

And here is our neighbor toddler with Logan. She and Logan will 'chat' through the fence for an hour if we let them. Mostly saying things like "Hi!" and "Bye Bye!" and "Look!" as they point at a plane, her dog, or our cat and chickens. She is a year and a half older than he is, but they still really enjoy watching each other and talking through the fence. I just thought this was a perfect picture of innercity childhood. :)


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Anonymous said...

Funny you posted about apples. We received a paper grocery bag full of McIntosh apples last night from my BIL and just make a pot of applesauce. We don't share your heat though. Thankfully it's cooled off here.

The moon was gorgeous last night! We drove down to a buffalo ranch where I'm hoping to buy meat in the near future and watched the moon rise. Beautiful picture!

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