Thursday, August 28, 2008

Notice anything new about the place?

Yep, after four years I finally changed my name. It was 'Hobbies of a Domestic Goddess'. This blog has morphed from just hobbies, into every good memory, every accomplishment, and even some disappointments of my life. In essence, it has changed into a running account of collected moments of my life, and the joy that comes along with that. I wanted the title of the blog to reflect that change. 'Collecting the moments' seemed right. For that is what I do. That is what we all do. We collect the happy moments in our lives to support us... to show us what we have done and how beautiful life can be. My life is truly beautiful... with little pitfalls, dirty diapers, and broken jars of peaches thrown in for color.


Anonymous said...

Love your title picture too! Did you take it yourself too? Hehehe. We are alot alike.....

As my mother always tells me, "Get out of my head!!" LoL.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Of course. :) Yes... we are very alike. I enjoy like minds though... so it all works out. :D


Anonymous said...

Lovely. Perfect name because that is what we are doing. I tell myself everyday that "X" is something I want to remember.

I really enjoy your pictures. Thanks for posting them. :)

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