Saturday, August 30, 2008

We went to a dahlia farm today with a friend of mine and her family. It was a fun trip that was desperately needed. I am having a really hard time emotionally right now. I can't really fill everyone in. I just need to sort it out.

So for now, I just am going to share great pictures.


Jenny said...

Beautiful pictures. In response to your comment~ it's the first time I've used seal bags with my breads. For steamed veggies they definately work better. I will let you know. As for your post~ remember to take time for yourself & hang in there!

Dawn D. Lion said...

Amazing pictures as always. Sending out some positive vibes too, I hope the hard time passes soon.

Sarah said...

beautiful pictures! I keep meaning to buy some dahlia bulbs, but haven't yet. Hope you're doing okay.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I hope you get everything worked out soon. Know that I'm thinking about you.

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