Monday, August 18, 2008


What would possess a woman with a nasty cold to can 100lbs of peaches and blanch/freeze 28lbs of green beans in one day?

You got me.

But that is what we are up to today. We have a park date that we are going to have to cancel because it is raining... but honestly, that is good weather for canning... and at this point I will take all the good luck I can get.

Recap of my weekend:

10pm Saturday night, my babysitter canceled on me (for 7am the next morning). Luckily, I have wonderful babysitter friends across the street that saved me from my babysitting emergency. Sunday morning, I wake up with nasty cold. I was dripping. Starting at 4:30am. It was gross. I made the choice that I was going to make the best of the day and after a hot shower that cleared my sinuses somewhat and the conviction that I was buying lunch AND massive amounts of coffee out that day, I was out the door to work.

First day of beans/last week of peas. It was crazy. In 5 hours we made $1700 at the market. That is BUSY. Set up went ok, except that I hurt my back trying to pick up a double lug (which means HUGE box) of kohlrabi. It was stupid, and I did not complain until the end of the day, because it was really dumb. lol... which is of course the natural sympathy I got when I finally told Hannah (market partner) what I had done.

My best friend Sarah came to visit me at the market with her family. That was super fun, although I didn't have much time... but I like stuff like that. She took pictures too. I will post those some other time. :)

Cold came back to full force right as I was getting really tired around 2pm. Luckily, a wonderful little two-person blue grass band came in and played right across the sidewalk from us. They were GREAT! And lifesavers for me, because I was fading fast and the beat kept me on my feet. All day long I had been in a cloud. I would turn with a $20 bill to forget between the cashbox and the customer what the heck they had bought! It was a brainless day. I don't think I made too many mistakes, but I wasn't in top form, that is for sure. Lots of moments turning around and asking them what I owed them in change. Lots of moments where I had to say "Wait! I owe you another dollar." and such things. Definitely not top form.

Then, as Hannah was going to get the box truck, I was pulling down tents and one fell full force, on the top of my knee. I hit the ground in a crouch and people around me were asking me if I was ok. I was fine. Embarrassed, a bit bruised, but ok.

So this morning. I wake. Cold is back, full fledged and I am dripping. Blech. I am just happy it didn't happen yesterday while I was at work, because I am barely functional. However. I have 4 boxes (25lbs a box) of peaches, and a 28lbs box of beans to deal with today. Today.


So here I am, meditating while I top beans. I have set up my station at the table with cold care tea (the kid kind) and some good music (from here of course, I updated my list) and hopefully kids that can occupy themselves for the morning while I attempt to top, blanch, and bag these beans before attacking the peaches, which will easily take all afternoon.

Maybe the steam from the water bath canner and blanching pot will help my sinuses.

I can try to see the silver lining right?

This is the true meaning of 'a mothers work is never done'.


Anonymous said...

Awww, Im sorry you are sick! Thankfully none of us have gotten it yet - but I know its coming. Its getting to be "that time of year" for it. Ugh.

I want to start canning next year. My mom canned for years and is going to teach me how. I am thankful she knows how so I dont have to learn on my own!

Shiloah Baker said...

I love to can foods. I hope you had a good day doing it despite feeling sick. I'm sure your kids will have pleasant memories of that.

I hope you are feeling better!

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