Friday, September 5, 2008

Cloud Berries

"Fruit and berries on strange planets either make you live or make you die. Therefore the point at which to start toying with them is when you're going to die if you don't. That way you stay ahead. The secret to healthy hitchhiking is to eat junk food."

--Ford Prefect, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Cloud berry time. These strange little buggers were ripe over a month ago last year... but this year, they are still tart and almost unripe... in September. Blackberries are doing the same thing. Mostly red still. We may get a few before the first frost, but the year has been so strange and the berries just have not caught up yet. I think we will have a drop in bird population around here because there are just not enough berries to feed all of the fledglings. We went and got a basket today though. Enough for a double batch of AnyBerry Streusel Bars with my newly made peach preserves.

I don't know if I will pick anymore this year. I may leave them for the birds.

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