Monday, September 8, 2008

Sad Day, but happy memories

Laura's service was Saturday. It was a long and beautiful day, with lots of lovely memories that were shared, and many moments of love and support for the whole family. After the service, the closest of us all went back to the lake house (where Laura grew up and where my Aunt and Uncle still live) and had a spreading ashes ceremony next to the lake. It was beautiful.

Here is that side of my family. There are a lot of cousins here. All but three of these people are 'cousins'. And only two then, by marriage. We have a lot of cousins. lol!

Here is a picture of Don, Ryan, and Brandon (Laura's Son) down by the lake before the ceremony.

And always, there is new life:

Here is sweet little Clover. She is just a year old and a dear friend of the family (Caplen's) daughter. She was delightful to watch with her big sister that night, running around with her sweet little diaper butt and big curious green/grey eyes. They both were a constant reminder that new life does happen, and that not all can be sad for long.


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