Saturday, October 18, 2008

Back yard nature life...

Northern Flicker. The first one I have seen so close to the house. It was at the suet feeder. Gotta love that thing. I have gotten so many more birds to come close enough for pictures with the suet feeder! Isn't he pretty? Those markings are so distinctive.

And guess who has come to visit us? Really, I know that some people are against racoons and I do not blame them, but these ones are totally tame. They get along with cats, dogs, squirrels, and even birds around here. They have never even tried to get in my chicken coop. I don't know why they are so tame... but I don't mind them being around.

The pic above was from this morning when they were playing with the cats next door and came lumbering across the street to peek in on my kids in the back yard. Looks like two have left the litter, leaving just the little baby with the mama (which is who is pictured here).

The are our buddies. At least until they arn't.

Will someone let me know what this bird is? I can't find it in my book anywhere...

But there was close to 40 in my tree last night.

The NorthWest Nature Nut

I am enjoying the above blog quite a bit. As I do with most very like-minded blogs. I have added her to my ecofriendly and farming blog list. I hope to go and visit often.



Anonymous said...

The birds in question look like starlings to me. We have them everywhere here in Missouri in the winter.

You have a wonderful count of different birds. You also have good pictures! I always seem to get too much screen in our photos.

Congrats on your new additions! House finches are very pretty and I enjoy seeing their color in our tree.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Yes, I looked in my book and found out they are Starlings. Thank you. :) I am enjoying the new colors myself. We got the joy of seeing the pair of Flickers this morning. The female was just as pretty although not as bright. She left fast though. Too fast for me to take a picture. I don't even think she got to eat anything.

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