Wednesday, November 5, 2008


It's official. We are moving in to the new house on Nov 23rd! YAY!

And it is also official that my toddler is a computer genius. He is doing all sorts of things to it that I have no idea how to change. Anyone know how to get a font formater off your outlook?



S said...

CONGRATS ON THE HOUSE!!! How exciteing!

as for the computer...Have you tried

It won't help with your current problem but it's a screen saver that lets kids bang on the keyboard without messign things up. As they strike each key they hear different sounds and pictures pop up. It's kinda cool and it's a free download.

ps. Can you send me your e-mail again. I keep wanting to write to you about the hoops and lost your e-mail.

Katie said...

CONGRATS VAL!! I am soooo happy for you & your family!

Sandi Felch said...

Congratulations! (Even though this will make dropping by a bit more of a challenge). I didn't have a computer when my kids were little, but they found other ways to torment me. Thanks to Sarah for the info on I'll be sending that URL to my d-i-l down in Portland!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Im glad to hear you guys got the house!! Looking forward to seeing some beautiful new pictures of the new place and surrounding area!

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