Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sorry all...

I am so absent. I have taken the garage apart, I am putting things in boxes I am sure I will need in the next two weeks, but I just can't stand having that much stuff out that I know I will have to box up to move later. I have packed up most of the books, all of the craft stuff, and all the canning. The kitchen stuff we won't use between now and then is packed. There are boxes lining our hallway. Linens and extra blankets are packed in huge leaf bags. I am packing an "open first" box with fresh sheets for everyone, a roll of tp, a shower curtian, and a hand towel.

There will be an 'open first' box for each main room. The kitchen one will have paper plates, money for takeout, and other things like that. I think that will be wonderful to have while we put things in their place for the first day or so.

The good side of moving though, is that I have gone through and donated a van full (back seat removed) of stuff. Bags of clothes the kids have just grown out of, toys that we had stored in the garage and the kids have outgrown or forgotten, craft stuff that I will never use, canning supplies that I can't use anymore, and leftover computer parts from our upgrade last winter. I have been brutal. And it has been good.


Unknown said...

I love moving! It's such a great chance to declutter. Now if only the husband would get on board and start throwing out HIS stuff... the garage is full of his junk!

I hope this moving experience goes quick and smooth!

Quinn said...

I didn't realize you were moving. It is always so freeing to declutter.

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