Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Starting a little late because it took some time to find the calendar and everything that goes with it. BUT it is out now. :) We just can't find the camera cord so I can show you pictures. It will just have to be a link to the pics from last year.

This year I have been picking up things to go into the pockets. Sometimes I just have chocolates, very much like the boxed advent calendars, and other times, I have things like a card that says 'see mom for a new coloring book', or chap stick, or glow sticks, or glow-in-the-dark frogs. It has been fun picking out things. I have tried to keep them as consumable or not 'made in china' as possible... and only half succeeded. Tiny things are hard to find locally. Esp when you don't want filling your advent calendar to cost $150.

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Jenny said...

Love your calendar. I just posted ours on my blog too (are we long-lost sisters or something? hehehe). It can be hard to find tiny things to fit in the pockets.

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