Wednesday, December 3, 2008

HAHA! I have found stuff. :)

Mostly I have found stuff like the books that go on our shelves, the can opener that magically disappeared, the cord to my camera, my first aid kit, and my drill charger. You know... little, important stuff that likes to go missing when one moves into a different house. It is like a small protest from the universe. "You shouldn't move. Ever. Now you can't find your electric eyelash curler or the charger to your cell phone. That'll teach you."

These are the first pictures of the house.

Mostly of the parts that are clean and lived in, like the sun room and the backyard, but still, on that beautiful day, everything seemed wonderful to hang out in the yard with my family. Enjoy the pictures! There are more to come of the rest of the house soon.

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