Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I love being a miser.


Lately we have been throwing money at problems just to make them go away. I have bought instead of made for Christmas this year just to get it done on time (and I still have felt like it was a huge hassle to try and find the few things I could put together myself. Moving is a pain!) Mostly handmade, and mostly local, and some even used, but still, bought... with money... not made by me per-usual. There have been many things that we have needed to fix about the house (as is true with every move I have heard) and that has cost us as well. Many things have needed a bit of cash to be made comfortable. And why, oh why, in this time of giving and need of monetary things due to moving and Christmas do my children pick to have a growth spurt? ALL of them. And why, does it mean that this week both my pair of Dr Martins have broken? lol... at this point, the little things like taking shoes to repair shops and having to buy 4 pairs of pants that fit Alex and a winter coat with sleeves long enough for Logan... well it all just makes me laugh. Because heck... what else can you do?

So today, we were going to REI for wool stockings (for my feet at work, not for above the fireplace) and those pocket hand warmers, and I saw that Once Upon a Child (which is next door) was having a sale. 50% off all winter gear. Logan has one warm coat that fits (courtesy of my favorite other toddler being slightly bigger) and all of his pants are magically too short all of a sudden. So I decided to step in there and for a total of $44 I got:

One grey GAP wool pea coat with a hood size 3t
One Tommy Hilfiger red winter jacket size 4t
three pair GAP jeans with adjustable waists size 3t
one warm red track jacket size 3t
one warm track jacket in navy blue terry size 3t
one pair Stride Right shoes size 9 (toddler)
and one GAP long brown light coat size 10

The brown coat is too big for Cyan, but it was $5 and in PERFECT condition. I figure there are a few things I can store till next fall and feel like it was completely worth it!

It was a fun trip and I felt really good about insisting we went in there for the deal. Now Logan is all set. Every one else needs shoes *sigh* but at least we all have nice warm winter coats for this crazy cold spell we have been having.

I came home, and my cousin Karen had dropped off a bunch of clothes that she got from various used places for the kids. She has GREAT taste and esp Cyan is crazy excited about some of the things she was able to find. All long sleeves. All big enough.

What a fun used clothing day. :)

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