Thursday, December 18, 2008

White Christmas?

Things are shaping up that way. Everything is canceled. I know we seem like wimps here in Western WA with our snow fear, but honestly, ours is terribly dangerous. It teaters on freezing at all times... which means that the slush from the snow last night is now freezing. There is a layer of crazy ice underneith the beautiful new dusting of white. People are smashing into each other all over the place. And by the end of the day it will have warmed up again. That means tonight we will have more slush, on top of more ice.

Here is a video of just 30 miles North of me that a friend sent me.

This is today, in Seattle. We are guessing they are on a hill. Because people screaming 'help' means they have NO way to stop... they are just sliding.

There is more than danger in the snow today though... some pretty intense cuteness...

dressed in more than spider pj's and one of his sisters boots. ;)

And for those of you who are dying to see more pictures of the new house... it is almost clean enough for me to take pictures of all of it. :)



Anonymous said...

That is a really fantastic picture of Logan! So cute :)

Anonymous said...

Our weather is similar. We only hit 14 degrees today for a high and overnight is 0. So all the snow we got is now ice and the roads are slick! On the up-side, we should have a white Christmas this year!!

Cute pics of the kids, by the way. I need to dress Seth up and take him out for pictures one of these days. I just hate to take him out in the cold...

Sarah said...

I miss snow!!! Logan is looking so big!

I use a plain sewing needle for popcorn....the key- at least for me is to pop the corn way ahead of time- a few hours at least to let it get stale first....otherwise the popcorn just breaks and it gets frustrating!!

Happy holidays!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thanks Sadie! That is a great tip. Yes... breakage. That is always the way it went and I just gave up a couple years ago. Stale popcorn would work a whole lot better. :)


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