Saturday, December 20, 2008

New birds

There are 5 Red Winged Blackbirds in this picture... along with two Stellar Jays. There have been more on this tree... but this was the most I have captured on digital film.

And here is a Spotted Towhee... what an interesting looking character he is! The red eyes just set it all off for me. His female counterpart has the red eyes as well, but she is more brown where the male is more black.

I think there is some commotion going on with the red winged blackbird family... some aunty wants to eat at this table... and dad said 'no'. ;)

The newest addition to our bird records is this little lady to the far right above. She is a Savannah Sparrow. Sort of blah in color but amazing detail if you are able to look closer.

Savannah Sparrow

And here is our newest little buddies... two Mourning Doves... arn't they beautiful? They are rather puffy trying to keep warm, but I can't really blame them as every single one of these shots was taken through my window with the saftey and comfort of the heater blowing right on me.

Mourning Dove

We saw a scrub jay today as well for the first time in this yard. We had tons of them down at the other house, but this is the first we have seen them here. A pair of them flew in a few minutes ago and scared off the Stellar Jays.

The wood pecker is also back and now enjoying the suet along with the others. Hopefully I will get good pictures of these guys soon.

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