Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow and Mushrooms

Obviously, I love mushrooms. Eventually I would like to revamp the theme on this blog and make it all mushrooms, owls, snails, and butterflies with a beautiful leafless tree in the background... but until I can really write HTML much better than I do now, I will have to stick with what I have got and just post pictures of my mushrooms.

I was looking through my picasa albums today and found out that I have a picture of my mushroom through out this last set of snowstorms. lol... I enjoyed looking at it and so I thought you may too.

Make sure you click the captions, it shows the dates and how much snow was on the ground that day. You can see it... but by the end, we had about 15inches of snowfall with about 9 inches actually on the ground. The table in the backyard had about a foot... but it was up off the ground and stayed cooler than the ground so it didn't have as much melt. Right now we are looking at about 6 inches of snow on the ground still, and a beautifully dangerous ice crust over the top.

More about that here.


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