Saturday, December 6, 2008

So many critters!

When we moved here, I knew we backed a large green belt. But I was forgetting what that meant (we backed a small green belt at the Maringo House). Today alone, the kids and I have counted 4 squirrels, 5 different kinds of birds (and about 25 of them), and a small tree frog. And we were only out here in the sunroom for 2 hours. We are going to go through our weight in bird seed alone... but wow... what fun!

This little guy and his brother fought over this pretzel the kids left outside for about 10 minutes. Chasing each other around, climbing up trees... in the end, as we were watching, they noticed that neither one of them had the pretzel anymore and they sat quietly in a tree for a while to contemplate where it could have gone. It was quite the performance!

Can you see them both? It isn't a very good picture, but one is on the swing branch, and the other is up to the right on a curved branch.

It will be lots of fun documenting what types of critters we have here. I feel a unit study coming on! (In homeschool related news, come and see what we have been doing over here!)


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