Monday, January 26, 2009

Spontaneous Gratitude for today

I had a hard evening. Logan is still very upset about it... so I thought that I would post my gratitude for the day.

A sunny morning.

A hot cup of tea.

From the new tea shelf.

A beautiful, and very normal, two year old.
(saying "CHEESE")

A new cookbook to play with.

My favorite Goodwill candle.

Veggies, frozen from a time of plenty...
added to a mix of red and brown rice to make fried rice (recipe).


Sandi Felch said...

Thanks! I needed that this morning.
I've been busy for the past week (or more), and am just getting caught up on my Blogger reading. Often, in the craziness of daily living, we forget to recognize and give thanks for the little things that really do make our lives a big deal. BTW, I loved the slide show of the owl party.

Brie said...

The sunset is absolutely gorgeous! Love seeing these:)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thanks Brie! Thats the sunrise actually... isn't it stunning?? I can always see it right out my picture windows and with all these sleeping trees... well it made for a pretty nice picture. :)

Sandi, I hope you are doing really well... make sure to stop by next time you are up here and we can actually sit and have a cup of tea. :)


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