Saturday, January 24, 2009

Logan's Owl Party

A link to the slide show of 'ok' pictures of the party.

The party was great! You really can't get a perfect capture of a nighttime party in Jan... unless you have a pretty darn amazing camera and a lot of patience (and time!). I tried to get as good a pictures as I could with my camera and very little time so most of them are fuzzy... but the party was so much better than the pictures. A little scattered because of some technical kitchen difficulties, but all in all I think it turned out so wonderful!

The kids LOVED the twilight treasure hunt! I had put candles at each station (Alex helped a LOT with this set up) so they could tell where they were going and the stations were spread all over my yard. Each little spot had a treat to pick up... all night time bird themed stuff too. Cricket Clickers, gummy worms and frogs, chocolate coated sunflower seeds, bubbles (ok, I stretched, but the kids loved them!), LED flashlights (for pure toddler pleasure), a set of three 'eggs' (speckled candy rocks), and a braclet I made with bells on it that I thought they would like. It was great and they had so much fun! I really enjoyed watching them run around the yard yelling at their parents, who were following with the candles, "Hey mama! Look at what I found over here!" and "There's another one!!" So cute!


Anonymous said...

A really cute birthday party idea! You can tell you put some thought and time into preparing for it. Cute pictures a cute 2 year old!

Dina said...

what a creative idea for a party! but I always love reading about your great ideas!!

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