Thursday, January 22, 2009

Logan is TWO!!!

Birthday Dutchman is a tradition in my house and was in the house where I grew up. Logan just got introduced to that today, and he was SO excited! We decided, since he was going to have his party tomorrow that he should practice blowing out candles. When he actually blew the candle out, he was completely shocked... He looked at it for a minute, and then quickly wanted to do it again. It was adorable!

Happy Birthday to you little man!

After breakfast we quickly moved to the giving of gifts.

At Christmas time he was still kind of confused about gift opening. He had never opened gifts before. He was 11 mos at his first Christmas, and then his first birthday where he really didn't care about anything but the cupcake he devoured.

This time though... he had it down. He kept saying "Mama help!" and I would tear off a corner, and he would say "Mine" impatient to get it back and be able to rip the paper off. Which he did, strip by strip, crumbling my thoughts of keeping the adorable wrapping paper and making a huge pile on the floor of microscopic strips of paper... but he was so proud that I made a very fast recovery and let him do it his own way.

And finally, the wrapping paper that started it all.

Tomorrow you will see exactly what 'it all' is.



Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to him!!! He looks so big now, compared to when we first 'met'!! He looks so excited too...can't wait to see party pics!

Anonymous said...

Awww, Happy 2nd Birthday to Logan!! :)

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