Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sunny day and a bit of crafting

What a beautiful day it was! The days lately have started out with THICK fog that make it hard to drive and then open up into this blindingly bright afternoon of sun, until of course, the sun goes down around 4:30. lol! But while it lasts... it is so exciting just to see the sky!

Logan's birthday party gift bags. Recycled out of Trader Joe's bags from before I got in the habit of taking my own bags again when we first moved.

I sewed them on my sewing machine with bright green thread and added a felt flower and a little woodland animal brad to hold the flowers on. I thought they turned out especially cute.

Once I got the hang of sewing with paper, they were surprisingly easy. It does take a bit of planning, and so I had two trial runs before I got it right, but when I did, the construction was simple and the rest of the gift bags went pretty quickly.

And of course, I found these cute little brads! They match perfectly with his owl and nighttime animal theme we have going for this party of 8 toddlers.

It should be adorable!


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