Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thank you all!

Thank you guys for the encouragement... It really helps. I spent the better part of yesterday crying over it. I was just trying to pamper myself you know? I should have known better honestly... when things are going wrong like this, they continue to go wrong for a little while with me. About every two months I have a what I call "the week of suck". Things just DO NOT go my way, no matter what I do. I feel like King Mitus where everything I touch dies turned to gold. In the summer I can handle it usually with a laugh.... in the winter? It feels dark, heavy, and bleak.

This will be a great story. Next January.

I have decided to go back and have her do my hair again. I am going to call in a little while and see if I can get an appointment with the manager of the place. That should work... at least, even if it comes back darker... it won't be orange blonde with my natural color underneath... it is really bad. Blech.

My friend gave me a camera lens, but I am having a hard time getting a clear picture of myself... so I am going to go get myself a tripod. Then I will take my first '52' and show you all what they did to my head. lol!

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