Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Frozen for Later

This meal was pulled from the freezer and the pantry with such ease and it is SUCH good food. In front, frozen green beans and the tomato sauce that I have raved about all season. In the pan, a frozen soughdough loaf (our current obbsession) parbaked, bought in the bulk and frozen, a head of garlic, a stick of butter, and an onion.

And that brings me to our big battle. White pasta. Don and Logan will not eat WW pasta. Won't touch it. So this has stopped the battle for me. Single ingredient pasta. The only ingredient listed on this pasta is "Organic Drum Wheat Semolina". Problem solved. ;)

I know I won't have a garden this year. We won't be in the house to see the main part of harvest even if we were. We are planning to move by the first of Oct. But my hope is, that with the farm, and the food share that I have now, I will still be able to store all of these things. This time of year, they feel like money in the bank. :)

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erika~ the inspired mama said...

YuM!! it looks wonderful! i am totally going to look for that pasta- my guy wont tough WW pasta either :<

that is a bummer that you won't have a garden this year. how about a small container garden that you can take along when you move?


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