Olympia Original ~ 5/52

Yes, this is my chest. It is quite extensive. lol... My breasts grew fast and furious when I was about 12, and didn't stop. I was a C in 7th grade. I was a DD by highschool. Loosing weight doesn't really change it. Just my band size (I flex between a 32 and a 36). Heck, having kids doesn't change that. I have big breasts. Always.

For this reason I never wear words across my tit line. You might, sometimes, every now and again, see me with something leafy on my shirt. Maybe. But the large majority of the time I am in dark, solid colored shirts with a scoop or v neck. Words? Nope. Why bring attention to it?

This shirt was different. I spent 90% of my life in Olympia in some way. My life started there... my brother was even born there. The best and the worst of my life happened there.

Olympia has a very strange culture. Cops like to call it "ten square miles... surrounded by reality". lol... Everyone is accepted... esp the very strange. It is a strange city to compare other cities to.

Moving away from my city has proved to be great, but very different. I honestly thought I would never leave Olympia. But now I have....


Wählen Sie Ihr Gift said...

Be thankful for what God has given you. HEHE I was always very small chested. Now that I am overweight I have breasts. But I always lose weight in my breasts first.. yikes,.
At least you live close enough to Olympia to visit and have your memories. I grew up everywhere, I am a military brat. But, we did spend a lot of time here in Washington and that is why we live here now. I LOVE WASHINGTON

mikesgirl said...

My dd lived in Oly for four years while she was going to Evergreen and really misses it. You're right - everyone and everything is 'normal' in Oly. I wish we lived there, this little town we've lived in for the past couple of years (bought a foreclosure here - and it's comutable to dh's job in Seattle)is very judgemental and click-ish. We'll never feel like we belong here. I never realized before how important it is to feel like you're 'at home', in your home.

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