Friday, February 6, 2009

Slightly freaking out

We got our first gas bill today. We moved on Dec 1st so this is two months worth of gas charges, but it was $1100. That doesn't include ele, w/s/g, or anything else. Just gas.

I am freaking out here.


Katie said...

:( That is awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Are you sure it is right? Did you pay for gas at your last place? Our bill is high, but not that high....we have gotten incorrect bills before, and called and got it we are on the budget our energy company offers.

Dina said...

yikes! have you called to see if that is really correct?

do you have to be some place for a year to get on the budget/average plan?


Val in the Rose Garden said...

Yes, it is correct. The gas bill for this house in the winter is over $450 a month. Isn't that exciting?? Yeah... I am trying not to freak. When I called she said they would 'help me in whatever way they could' if we needed it... but at this moment, we are putting money on it, and we are able to put something on it each month... so they are not pressing about it. I will call them back if I need to.

We may have to move. And it just sucks.


Sarah said...

Ouch! I'd be freaking out too....we don't have gas....but I cringe when our electric bill gets over $170!

Anonymous said...

Wow, thats high. We have electric, propane and water and they total together $350/mo.

Are you guys thinking of moving because of the utilities there being so high or is there another reason?

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