Thursday, March 5, 2009

BlueRoseMama 8/52

I don't plant flowers. Ask my dh, he is always hard pressed to get me to plant ANYTHING that flowers... and usually it has to have some food purposes... cannot be strictly blooming things. I figure they are a waste of space. If I have enough sun for roses, then I have enough sun for something we will eat.

Last Saturday I received a package in the mail. It was a large package, and being sick, I didn't even look what was in it until the next day... where I unwrapped a small and vibrantly healthy rose bush. I took me a while to figure out what it was... the name on it said "Blue Girl".

8 years ago, when we were deciding on a name for our baby girl, and came across "Cyan", we passed it around to our family... and my mom was the only one who really liked it. No one disliked it... but they were not crazy enthusiastic about a 'different' name. When we chose that name for our daughter (our last name is Rose) mom set out to find me blue rose bush. But, of course, none existed. I remember in passing her telling me that she had got on a rose breeders list to be one of the first ones to get a blue rose when they bred one. She said they were working on it and when they found one that was really blue she would get it for me. I was touched... but haven't thought much about it since. Until last Saturday... when I received a healthy, ready to bloom this year, blue rosebush on my doorstep.

I think this is one of the sweetest gifts she has ever gotten me. There are not words for how much I will love this little rose bush.



sarah in the woods said...

How sweet! I'd love to see it when it blooms. Nice picture on the post.

S said...

Oh my goodness! I truly was tearing up when I read this. What a beautiful gift. I love Cyan's name. It's so pretty and different. Enjoy your special rose's!

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