Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lost time

I feel like I have lost two weeks of my life. I seriously thought the date was wrong as I woke up this morning. I am sick again, and have been sleeping more than I have been awake. The one thing that comes along with being sick for weeks at a time is that your body is so darn tired! And angry. I am angry. Nealy bitter. I have lost two weeks of my life at this point... I have been lost in snot rags, and good books. At one point last week, we were watching Thomas the Train Engine in our bedroom (on the TV we moved in there just for the occasion) and both Don and I were lost in the nasty flu, as Logan stood on the bed on one side and then the other, falling over our legs as we laid there, completely and utterly sick, hoping that at some point, Thomas would come out of the screen and rescue us. When you are sick, and your toddler is not, well... just say it completely sucks.

Speaking of books, I can happily review the first three Twilight books. I have read three of them in the last 5 days. They are each about 700 pages long. Which means I haven't been doing much else. They are wonderfully written books. Mild enough to feel safe to give to a 14 year old girl, but deep enough to keep me and my husband hooked for hours on end. I have really enjoyed the world, and of course, living only an hour from Forks, WA I can completely imagine the setting. They have kept me happily entranced for the first two and a half books. Now, I am ready to get up... but still pretty darned sick. So I am sure I will be pulled back into the Twilight world at nap time today, and be happy to do it.

I went to the gym yesterday for the first time in two weeks. I tried to work out... and ended up doing pretty well yesterday, although the first two attempts were bitter failures that put me in bed for the rest of the day, and even yesterday ended up with me taking a 3 hour nap and being sicker today than I was yesterday. Yes, I know... I should slow down. I am not the slow down type though. So instead of hooping, or working out, or (god forbid) reading anything else (I have also read 1/2 of 'Waldorf Education', and part of 'Shelters of Stone' by Jane Auel) I decided to bake. Baking doesn't take much out of you, and it also gets me wanting to eat, which is another thing I have not been doing since being sick.

I love fresh Nutmeg. It is one of my favorite spices. Grating it also uses one of my favorite kitchen tools... my microplaner. I use it for so many things in my kitchen! It is one of those items that I use nearly every day, like a cheese slicer, or a chefs knife. I use it for everything too... zesting lemons and oranges, grating good Parmesan cheese, and for grating Nutmeg. I am sure the smell in my house is next to intoxicating at the moment. Between fresh grated Nutmeg and WW chocolate chip pumpkin muffins in the oven. Well, if I could smell, I would be in heaven.

Isn't it pretty on the inside?



Anonymous said...

Yes I have read the Twilight Series as well and have enjoyed them although the 2nd one dragged somewhat for me but got better at the end. I havent read the 4th one yet.

Im sorry that you guys are all sick. Luckily, we havent gotten sick this season at all. Seth has been diagnosed with allergies so what we thought was a winter cold (that seemed to have lasted most of the winter) is allergies! Who knew?! So he is on meds for that until he gets old enough to be tested for what exactly he is allergic to.

Good to see you baking. I too have one of the planers. Very handy.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear you're sick. I'm wondering where you got your hoop as I've been looking around for one.

Thanks! Feel better.

Sarah said...

Glad you are starting to get better....I know it's tough to be like that esp when everyone else needs you to be up.

I've not been very inspirational lately...don't have much to's taking it's toll on my kids too....

Hope your back at 100% soon!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

KJ, I got them from my friend Sarah at Stitchy Witchy. You can check her out here:

Thanks for the well wishes everyone. I feel like crap. I am going to bed soon.


Katie said...

We are getting over a stomach bug and I am still drained after 4 is so challenging to look after a little one when you feel that way.
I can't wait until you post that yummy looking recipe!
Now I want to go and get some nutmeg! I have the same grater and I heart it too!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Katie it is my pumpkin muffin recipe... This one:

And it's yummy!

:) Love val

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