Sunday, March 29, 2009

The messy #3 ~ 12/52

My little man.

For the most part, Logan just fell in with the rest of the kids. There was never that big huge "Omg, what did I do?" when it came to having #3 for me. One day he was inside me, next he was attached to me via sling and boob, and then he was just another kid in the house. There were bumps, but for the most part it was a very gentle transition.

Not to say that it hasn't made my life dirtier. I have seen tons of great SP's with these beautiful clean lines and beautiful backgrounds. Mine? They have bowls of oranges, Trader Joe's bags, origami cranes, stacks of paper, and craft sticks. But I almost like it. It is a glimpse of my life after all, and this is my life. I learned long ago not to apologise for my house. There are times that I rush around, trying to make it clean for people, but for the most part... we just live here. And that is what I say when people come over. "Beware. This house is lived in." You will never see the same mess twice. It isn't that the house isn't clean.... it just is always made dirty by the living we do. I am totally ok with that. ;)

And on a fun note, here are the outtakes from that shot. There were 29 of them. Yes... 29. lol! Most of them were of us laughing because he turned to see the camera as it started to "beep!" from the timer. After a while, we were both hysterical. It was a fun shoot.



Anonymous said...

Very cute photos. I like him sitting in his underpants (diaper?) because it reminds me of home here with the boys. Very casual and liveable!

Quinn said...

I love this. The wonderful words about your son, and the confidence in your home. With 5 littles, mine is lived in too but I'm often stressed about it.

The Author said...

I love the line about your son being attached to you via the sling and boob!!! I had a similiar situation months ago...

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