Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Better Half ~ 11/52

I know this is a copout for my self portrait... but it is so true. There are a few in this set where I have my hand on him, or I am putting my hand in front of his face... but none of them worked, and considering my husband is the king of looking smug in pictures, this all out smile really made my day... so this is it. Copout or not. ;)

My husband and I are so well balanced sometimes it is scary. Even when one of us is not at all in balance our self, the other is there, ready to catch. He is my better half, and for some reason he thinks that I am his better half. I am the crafty, domestic, moneywise, conservative hippie... and he is the rock-listening, extravagant, generous, witty, rock that holds me up.

We are opposites. Every person we have ever met... even if they have become lifelong friends, have asked us at one point or another "So how does your relationship work?" And we have to laugh... because honestly we don't know. But it really works. We adore each other.

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Dina said...

another adorable piece to your family puzzle - very cute family!!

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