Friday, April 24, 2009

Meet the babies...

Meet Samson and Little Bo, our new kitties.

If you have never read the charming story of Little Bo by Julie Andrews, I suggest putting it on your library hold list. It is such a cute story, about this cat named 'Bonnie Boadicea' who is the tiniest grey kitten in the litter of 6 sweet babies born to a champion Persian one stormy night in February. Our Bo was also last in a litter of 6 kittens, she is grey with white paws, the smallest in the litter born on a stormy night this February to the cat of a friend of mine. Her big brother, whom we also adopted, is twice her size easily, and is her protector already. Just like Samson in the book.

Look at him! He is all ready to take on our 21lb Main coon Taio for his little sister... isn't that totally cute?

And here is Little Bo. She is the tiniest kitten I have ever seen. She maybe weighs as much as a fast food taco. They have only been here for 4 hours... but already they are a part of the family. With a story behind their names and everything. (That is a thing with me... some day I will run down the list and tell you how I name our cats. ;) )


Anonymous said...

I tend to name my animals after things like movies and books too. Our cat is a female calico manx and we adopted her and her baby. So we named her Ripley and her baby was Noot, from the Aliens movie. Ripley played the role of protector of Noot beautifully so it was an obvious choice for names.

Cute kitties!!!

Sarah said...

So cute! I miss kittens....and puppies....but it'll be awhile for us we have 7 cats already! Love the names....we have an odd varitey of names mostly kid chosen.

Nessa said...

Very cute! They are adorable.

We are currently taking a pet "break". My dog Junebug (Greyhound named after the B-52 song) died last year and she was 17 years old. My husband's dog Gordon (found on the side of road as a puppy during tropical storm Gordon) died the year before and he was 16 years old. We hope to bring another critter into the family, just want to wait until some finances clear up first.

sarah in the woods said...

Such cuties! Taio is really beautiful. I had a cat that looked very similar to her when I was little.

erika~ the inspired mama said...

OMG, adorable!!! :) :) :)

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