Saturday, June 13, 2009

22/52 ~ Val, in real life...

Gardening really is a huge part of my life.

Logan walked out there tonight and said "Mama, you a mess!"

Yes, I was a mess... My hair completely crazy, dirt on my face and under my fingernails, totally barefoot, in clothes slightly too big so I have to pull them up while weeding not to flash the neighbors, but making sure my yearly babies have enough water, sunlight, and food in their soil... I was blissfully happy. I didn't realise how much I would miss it when I didn't have it last winter. I thought that I would just be ok with not having hobbies. But I lost something of myself that I am just starting to get back. There are lots of moments of peace in my life these days.

(That other stuff on my fingers is primer from the homeschool room. :) We are almost done!)


Sunder said...

I love gardening and have been planting like crazy lately!! Lavender everywhere! Lovvve your yard and your fence ;)

Anonymous said...

Im the same Val! I came in the other day filthy dirty on my face, hands, feet and clothes from being outside in the garden and yard. Joe just shakes his head and smiles at me. He knows I love it. I live it.

I look forward to gardening on the east coast too. There are going to be so many new opportunities for gardening there that I dont have here.

Anonymous said...

You have inspired me so much. I too love to garden and have a 5 month old named Logan. I am saving a few of your garden pics to my 1500 picture plus screensaver. We just moved and my garden got potted or left behind. A hard winter has left it looking terrible. Your pictures are so inspirational.

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