Monday, July 27, 2009

Cloud berries are ripe again!

So this is the time of year that my blog turns into a great big article on what I am eating each and every day. LOL! I would like to call it a food blog, but really, I eat all this stuff. So it turns into a 'my dinner and obsession with food' blog. Wild foods, local foods, preserved foods, foods I get from my garden... all of those take front and center for the next three months. Beware. I will do my best to walk everyone through the foods that are in season (for Western WA, much of the upper states of the US, and lower Canada as well), how to preserve them, and where to find the free wild foods that are lurking in your area.

Today it is cloud berries. They are a native berry that has been used in landscaping for the last few years and I have seen it popping up all over the place. If you have never heard of them and think I am crazy for going to the next town overs town hall to pick them from the side of the road at 8am... well, you'd be right. (And my husband totally agrees with you!) Here is the link on how I found them and identified them.

The thing you may not know is that they are stinkin' good! They taste between a raspberry and a tangerine, almost like a salmon berry but not as tart.... and they work amazingly well with peaches in... well anything. This link is the amazingly delicious recipe I will be making before 8 am tomorrow morning. (All this early morning stuff is due to a crazy heat wave we are having. It is supposed to be 95* or over for a week.)

This morning, Cyan and I picked a whole basket of them. Most of which will be going into the recipe I linked earlier. I am hoping to find another plot up here... but if not, I will be going back to my first plot next to the school sometime in the next week to pick more for winter. They are easy to store as well... just rinse and freeze! They work in any blackberry, raspberry, or salmon berry recipe 1 to 1. Find them. Love them!



heather jane said...

Wow! I've never heard of these. They sound fantastic, though. We're about to go raspberry picking here. I have such fond memories of fighting my Mom on her insistence that we get up early and pick every summer. Now I fight with my girls about it!!

Glad you found Living Senses and stopped by to link your local meal. I'm hosting a giveaway this week if I get at least ten links, so come on by and link up again!

Susie F said...

I just discovered CLoudberry preserves at IKEA! I'm in love! I wish we had them growing in CA...

I love your pictures and wish i could go cloud berry picking!!!

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