Monday, July 6, 2009

Wild berries are ripe again!

There is nothing quite as nice as eatables that are found fresh and free. :) My kids love finding wild berries on paths we go on (this path was pictured in this post) and eating them. Sometimes it makes other people nervous, but I try to teach them what to eat and what not to eat, right along with how fun it is to find wild food! Really, how much more local can you get?

These pictured are wild Salmonberries. There are two different varieties in Logan's hand below. Remember that Rubus berries are NOT poisonous. None of them. So when you find berries that resemble blackberries or raspberries, you can pick and eat them. They don't have any poisonous varieties. Now this isn't true of other types of berries... so for my kids right now, I still advise all my kids (even Alex) to ask before he eats anything... and if I don't know it, we don't eat it. In fact, we deam it yucky, and say that no one should touch it ever ever ever (the drama is for the berry eating toddler... just in case).

Logan posing for me so I could take a picture of the berries we collected.

And then, instead of eating one by one... he decided to shove the whole handful in his mouth. True toddler style. :)

Happy berry hunting!


Jenny said...

I've never seen those berries & now I'll have to look for them. I've been too afraid to eat wild berries but the kids & I signed up for an edible hike to hopefully learn what's okay. Great post!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Ooooo... that walk sounds wonderful! I will have to see if I can find one around here. My kids would love finding new eatables. :)


Nessa said...

They look lovely! Around here we have wild blackberries and elderberries. As a child we would go out and pick the elderberries and my mom would make jam and pie. Thanks for sparking up the memories!


kimberlee said...

Those look wonderful.
I can't believe how much bigger Logan is getting!

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