Monday, August 24, 2009

Market Monday!

Sorry I have been so absent. A bad burn on my left index finger has caused me to not really enjoy typing as much as usual. I got a hot glue gun (and the glue) somehow up under my finger nail and the resulting blister separated a small part of my nail from my finger... so you can imagine that the forming blister was rather painful. It took hours for it to stop throbbing. This was last Wed and just yesterday it started to feel a whole lot better. I am hoping the blister goes away soon, but for now, I am able to type. That is good.

MARKET! Market was crazy yesterday! Just nuts... but unfortunately we didn't make much money for the farm. We thought by the end of the day that the average order was about $6. We kind of got 'nickle and dimed' to death. Sigh. Hopefully we will have a better week next week.

My list:

Cabbage, Italian zucchini, cucumbers (blond and slicing), mint (for mint water, yum!), cilantro, dill, fresh Walla Walla onions, 6 heads of garlic (for tomato sauce), 3lbs of new crescent potatoes, and two heads of Lolla Rosa Lettuce:

It is the darkest, purplest lettuce ever... and it is tasty! I couldn't stop munching on it yesterday. I am excited to add this to the romaine and make the most beautiful salad ever!

But of course, my list doesn't stop there. It is food preservation season after all. I got 4 flats of tomatoes to make into sauce today. I say today because they were all getting ready to turn, and so we had them on special all day long and sold a lot... but these were still going back to the farm and wouldn't get used with the new ones coming out of the field. So I got them. :) The heads of garlic will be matched with them this afternoon to make the best sauce I have EVER had... and I am going to attempt to can it. If it works, I will be sure to post a recipe and instructions.

And peaches.

I picked up 12 boxes (that is 265lbs!!) of peaches yesterday. 5 boxes are for me and my family and then three other mamas got in on the good market deal with me and I picked up a few boxes for each of them. Peach canning marathon 2009 should be happening on Thursday night (they need to finish ripening). I have a special sugar free way to do peaches so I will be sure to post that too.

I don't stop moving in August. It just keeps going and going. I feel like an energizer bunny until about October. BUT, I love it... my freezers are full (with organic grass fed beef now too!) and my pantry is filling... it is an amazing yearly ritual that feeds us all winter. I have to admit to being really tired at the moment though. I think a day off this week will be in order where I do nothing but read good books, make lists, and watch movies. I may even throw in some junk food. LOL!




Nessa said...

Wow! It's awesome the amount of tomatoes and peaches you have! Enjoy making the sauce and I am looking forward to your recipes on how to can them. :o)

Judy said...

Whew! I need to take a nap in your honor - after I finish the roasted tomato basil soup that I am making from the tomatoes in my garden.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Nessa: Thanks! I will. :) After a good long nap. ;)

Judy: Did you post a recipe? I would love to see the soup you make. That sounds like something my family would really love.

Judy said...

Yes, I posted a link to the recipe on my blog - It is recipe from the Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten.

Anonymous said...

Millions of peaches.....Peaches for me!

Sorry..had to do it.

You remind me of my neighbor. She has been picking cherries canning them. She goes out and picks them wild. She also has done apricots and a few other fruits. She has over 300 cans done now and everytime I turn around she's bought more cans from the store. LOL! I cant wait to start canning in Florida. You inspire me, Val. You do.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Beth: Thank you. I am excited for your new life that you are working out. :) I hope you guys will be really happy there... and you will still come up here to see the other kiddos right? So we will still get to see you every so often. ;)


Brie said...

Wow at all the peaches and yum to the tomatoes too!!!
I hope you get your relaxing day too:)

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