Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The end of summer

It is official. The summer has come to a close. I pulled the tomatoes today. This is the last of them. It was warm as I was gathering. About 60 degrees... drizzling slightly. Just enough to put droplets on my glasses. I pulled and prodded to see if there were any left that would be worthy of a meal. As you can see I found quite a few.

The kittens were out there with me. Not really kittens anymore. Little Bo is still tiny for a cat, but she is almost 5 lbs. Samson is over 7 lbs and only looks small in comparison to Taio (our 20 lb main coon). They played around me as I worked, systematically pawing at things as they saw fit.

I love fall. I will miss the light however. Here in the Pacific NW, with the rain comes the clouds... and with the clouds comes the darkness. It is time to think about taking Vitamin D again. Time for tea and warm drinks and opening your curtains for every daylight hour you can. Soon we will have 6 hour days.

But then, comes Christmas crafting. ;)




Rachel said...

OOOh! Christmas crafting! I'll be looking forward to that!

6Hr days sounds dreary... I bet you get horrid cabin fever come spring!

Unknown said...

Love your cute little kitties! I'm thinking about getting a kitten. Need a little buddy.

love the tomatoes. Its getting really yucky hear. Its raining!boooo

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Rachel: It really does get dreary. Day light savings makes it get light about 8am... but then, it gets dark around 4:30pm. I guess that is 8 hours... but still... short days. And dark.

Flowrgirl1: I think you should get a kitten. I haven't had one in 12 years and these two are now a bright light in our day. There have been mishaps (like the poop in the house... that's no fun.) but for the most part, they are nothing but sweet, fun, furry little friends. :)



Best Wishes, Marie said...

any ideas for the green tomatoes?

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Marie: I am going to fry them up. Stay tuned for review of this recipe:

:) Enjoy!

Katie said...

Hello there love! Hope you are enjoying autumn.
I am thisclose to finishing your dish cloths and will send them out no later than next week.


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