Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Buy Nothing Day!

I firmly believe that Black Friday is the worst holiday ever created. It breeds greed, consumerism, and overindulgence. I participated once back in the 90's with a friend of mine. I think I got a remote control car for Alex for $12 or something. A nice one. Made in China, by slaves or workers making $1 a day or less. It broke within a week of Christmas.

That same Black Friday was the day that someone got trampled in a Walmart somewhere on the other side of the country. That same tragedy has happened a couple times since. I have decided to pull myself out of that game for the last decade or so. I stay at home the day after Thanksgiving... make crafts and play with my kids.

I will be adding a few Buy Nothing crafts over the next few days. All of them are created from used, found, or recycled things. Stay tuned for these fun crafts. No cash required.

Happy Buy Nothing Day!




Callista said...

YAY! im glad to see that others are participating in Buy Nothing Day. im steering clear of any retail outlets today and probably most of next week.


Judy said...

I have always stayed away from shopping on the weekend after Thanksgiving. There is nothing that I want so bad that I will go to a store at 3:00 am (Old Navy) or stand in line and then run when the doors open. People look so silly when they show them on the news. I am spending my weekend relaxing and doing things around the house. Yeah for buy nothing day.

Sarah said...

Same here! Today is a stay at home day. The boys have Christmas music on the radio. I have a few friends who live for Black Friday all year....I don't get it. But then I don't get much about all the materialistic, over indulgence.
Have a happy Buy Nothing Day :)

Katie said...

Agreed. We do the same and feel the same!
Enjoy your day in with your family!

Sheri said...

Oh, Thank You for this post!! I am so glad to hear there are others who don't "buy" into all the craziness! I had a wonderful day and it didn't include one purchase! Isn't that amazing? LOL

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