Thursday, December 10, 2009

A glimpse into my house... Thursday evening, 6 pm

The carpet and padding are out, the floor is clean... we are just waiting on mineral spirits to get the yucky tape off the doorways and the transition pieces that go between the rooms. We will need a new kitchen floor after this... but even if we waited a year I wouldn't care! This living room floor is SUCH an improvement.

Although, December was not the best time to do it. We have had a crazy cold snap around here lately. We are lucky if it gets above freezing at all and we are feeling it. It is cold... and we are not used to putting on slippers to be in the house yet. To help keep a bit of distance from the cold, we have soup for dinner nearly every night and we have been very grateful for the fire place. (The kids are grateful because 'soup and a fire' usually means s'mores!)

Speaking of soup...

This was dinner tonight. With the last of the farm fare, I made this yummy minestrone with orzo pasta. The salad was the very last of the farm lettuce and cabbage with some (*sigh*) bought from the store too. It has been a high of 33* today, with us waking up with a chilly 8* outside. The fields around us are frozen... the season is officially over. It is the turning of this great mother we live on. And I know it has to happen... but thank God for hot tea, warm showers, fire places, and slippers. They are saving me this year.

The ball ornaments are still in the middle of the table. So far, only 6 have made it to the tree. This basket of them is just too pretty right where it is. Don't you agree?




Lise said...

I love the ball ornaments right where they are. I noticed them before you mentioned them and thought "oh, they look great there!"

erika~ the inspired mama said...

your floors look great!! so pretty :) we pulled our carpets up this past spring- there is one spot near our front entrance that is water damaged and will need repaired, but like you said i don't care if it stays that way until this spring/summer- i love having hard wood floors!!


Tia said...

THANKYOU , sometimes as a homeschool mom who LOVES to recycle , I get a bit ,well (am asahmed) "why do I bother , is it REALLY making a difference"...and thanks to coming across your blog I now (again) KNOW it does , so THANKYOU ! Our blogs are :
do feel free to visit/follow :0)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Tia: I really enjoyed looking over your blogs! I once thought that homeschooling/frugal mamas were really hard to come by... but I have found tons of them on the net.
If you look down my side lists, there are several homeschoolers that you may connect with too. I look forward to reading and getting to know you more.



sarah in the woods said...

So much loveliness!
For milk, have you tried this site?

Lizz said...

Nice to vist your home tonight, Val. Warming is a good thing.

Holiday Blessings~

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