Monday, January 11, 2010

Menu Monday




Shirley said...

Unrelated post question but have you tried growing figs up here?

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Actually, YES I have! My dad has two fig trees and the figs would die before they were ripe... then I showed him a trick. Figs are polinated by sugar ants, and for some reason, sugar ants love Olive Oil. So if you dip your finger in olive oil, and touch the bottom of the fig with it, then the ants are more likely to find it and you will get ripe figs. Up until he sold his property, he did this with his figs and he was actually getting quite a few ripe figs! Right here in Western WA. Figs are so amazingly delicious... and onces the ants find them, they come back year after year.

Shirley said...

Thanks! We never had an issue back in GA (tons of heat and sun and ants) but so little sun here that I wasn't sure. Do you remember what type of fig trees they were? I had petite nigra (or something like that - mini type of tree) and the brown turkey.

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