Sunday, January 31, 2010

Outdoor Play

Logan is starting to feel better. So I took the tv away again. I know, mean mom. lol... it will take a few days for him to readjust, but I have a plan. Outside I set up play areas (yes, even in the rain) for him to be out there and be active. He hasn't been able to be outside since we moved here because he can now open both gates... and that just isn't safe. I miss it, and I can tell so does he. So I locked them yesterday with padlocks and set up a 'pounding station' at the edge of the yard. I have plans for a few more areas (like a digging area, a building area, and perhaps a tiny swing set) in the works for Spring, but this one was plenty for an hours worth of good, outdoor, tv free fun.

I added one of the hard hats from his birthday (I got the nicer ones, which are awesome... he uses them all the time!) and he was all set. He walked out there, saw his little hammer, and went to town. All on his own. Of course, I had to go and grab the camera.

The Man was concerned with smashed fingers at first, but honestly, with a tiny hammer, and huge nails (that I start in the log for him) if it happens at all, it will not be serious and will quickly be self correcting.

I just love simple toys.




Erika said...

I love it! It seems the simpler, the better. My kids have a basement playroom FULL of stuff they never touch. It usually gets donated. I give them a needle and thread or a hammer and it is bliss! My hubby recently drilled a hole into a small block of wood and gave them each a screwdriver, a large screw, bolts, washers, and the like. My girls are 6 and (almost) 5. I actually trusted Lily (youngest) with the (big tapestry) needle the other day by herself. She had a blast and was great with it. I felt that if she stuck herself once she would try not to do it again. I just watched her have lots of fun and learn a useful skill. Lesson learned! Thanks for shaving, Val! I love following your blog. I am always inspired! Have a great Monday!

semicrunchymama said...

This is fabulous!! My little guy's only just two (well, actually, two on Friday) so I may have to put this on hold for a while, but I'd love to set something up like this ofr him when he's a bit older.

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