Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dirty Garden Pictures!

Oh gosh... the garden is so ugly right now. There are piles of dirt and old rotten ivy everywhere. The boards that keep the dirt in place are filthy and the dirt is filled with manure. As awesome as this is for plants, it looks AWFUL! lol!

When we raked the area so that we could fit the beds there, we discovered EVEN more plastic. It has now broken down. So between the raking and the clearing and then the deluge of rain for days on end... well, it looks like it rained little pieces of plastic. They cover the entire ground, with huge pieces mixed in that are in piles throughout the garden (now all safely in one wheel barrow thanks to my children's gathering skills).


The solution? Get as many green things in as possible. So Operation Green starts this weekend. I hope everyone is ready.



1 comment

Shirley said...

Nothing a little rain can't clean up! :) Just watch out for the hail!

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